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In the following pages we have endeavoured to list out in detail almost all the aspects of the documentation that is required to be submitted to customs at the time of assessment.

You could also access formats of some vital documents that are required to be submitted to the Indian Customs with facility of taking printouts.

Routine Shipments
1.  Airway Bill (A.W.B).

2.  Cargo Arrival Notice (C.A.N).

3.  Letter of Authority, in favour of INTERPORT CLEARING SERVICES for      collection of documents / Delivery Order (Take Prints).

4.  Bank Delivery Order - in case A.W.B / C.A.N is in favour of the Bank.

5.  Commercial Invoice (duly signed)

6.  Packing List.

7.  Indent / Proforma Inv. / Purchase Order (w.r.t. the document referred to in      the invoice.)

8.  Catalogue / Drawing / Tech. Literature.

9.  Copy of L/ C.

10. Insurance Certificate or Insurance Premium Memo (Required only if terms      are C & F / F.O.B).

11. Certificate of Origin.

12. Import and GATT declaration forms duly filled and signed (Take Print).

13. I.E.C. Code No. ( D.G.F.T. has now issued P.A.N based certificates)

14. Income Tax P.A.N No.

15. Octroi 'N' forms. (Take Print).
      (a) 'N' Form.
      (b) 'N' Form Undertaking.

16. Factory licence / Shop and Est. Certificate / Sales Tax regn. For Octroi      'N' form registration.

17. Freight Certificate (If freight Payable in India).

18. Modvat declaration (If applicable).

19. Original documents (Bank attested).

20. Blank letterheads.

The above listed documents are required in the normal course of clearance to ensure smooth and quick clearance of your Cargo. In case the customs officer has any doubt, they can ask for any other papers, which on demand will be called for from the importers.

With regards to certain categories of Imports related to certain schemes or for different nature of products, the customs department will insist on certain additional documents during assessment of the Bill of Entry. We are listing out the various documents required for the various products, different schemes, or the different modes that they are being imported.

Machinery and Spares
1. Original Catalogue and Write-up.

2. Separate value of Spares - individual as well as consolidated.

3. Container and case wise packing list.

4. In case of electrical goods e.g. Circuit Breakers, Switches, Relays etc.     their ratings should be specified (e.g. K.V. / Volts / Amps / Watts).

5. In case of accessories the catalogue must show a detailed list of     standard accessories. If the accessories are of optional nature then duty     will be charged on Merits. In such cases separate values will have to be     indicated. Certain customs exemption notifications do not permit     accessories (standard and optional) for benefit of concessional duties at     all.

6. In case Software is shipped along with the equipment, whether the     Software is inbuilt or separate.

100 % E. O. U. Scheme / S.T.P / E.H.T.P
1. Documents for registration of E.O.U. at customs (Green Card, STP     approval, etc.).

2. End use Bond.

3. Transit Bond (If shipment is to be sent to a place other than port of     import).

4. Warehousing Bond.

D.E.P.B. Scheme
1. Original DEPB licence.

Passbook Scheme
1. Original Pass Book.

2. Annexure 'C' (in quadruplicate).

E.P.C.G. Scheme
1. Original E.P.C.G. licence with list of Import items duly attested by     D.G.F.T. (Director General of Foreign Trade).

2. Bond for clearance under E.P.C.G. as per Customs format along with     Bank Guarantee (if required).

3. The Customs authorities will check if the description of goods in EPCG     licence matches with that indicated on the invoice.

4. The model no on the documents and catalogue must also tally with the     number mentioned on the machine / equipment during physical     examination of the goods as this is the most crucial aspect for verification     of the goods w.r.t. the import documents and EPCG licence.

D.E.E.C. Scheme
1. Original Import part of D.E.E.C. book.

2. Original Advance licence (custom purpose copy).
3. In case of prior imports, Bond / Bond with Bank guarantee.

4. In case Export obligation period of licence has expired - D.E.E.C copies of     the shipping bill, A.R. 4 copies of duly audited export D.E.E.C.

5. Item description, Model No, Part No. etc will also be correlated by     customs as indicated at sr. no. 3 & 4 of EPCG documentation above.

Second Hand Capital Goods
1. Invoice must clearly indicate the year of Manufacture.

2. Evidence of original value of new equipment.

Free of Charge Shipments.
1. Evidence of Value, Price list, previous Import documents .

2. Correspondence regarding Free supply with the supplier.

3. In case of spares Catalogue of spares as well as that of main equipment.

1. Test Bond - required in case of 1st import from a new supplier or in absence of literature or a previous test report.

2. Certificate of Analysis.

3. Manufacturers literature.

4. End use declaration.

Import of Metals
1. Mills Test Certificate.

1. Invoice showing repair charges.

2. Original Export Shipping Bill duly endorsed by customs at the time of     export indicating Model No. and Sr. No. of the Item for establishing the     identity of goods during import examination.

3. Export Airway Bill and Insurance memo indicating Freight and Insurance     charges.


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